Joint, cartilage and tendon nutrition product.


Joint, cartilage and tendon nutrition product with higher active substances content.

HYALGEL Collagen

Joint, cartilage and tendon nutrition product with hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate, collagen and vitamin C.


Joint, cartilage and tendon nutrition syrup.

HYALGEL Ointment

Suitable not only for patients suffering with arthrosis, but for aching joints in general. Soothing effect after exertion, injury or during convalescence.

Dietary supplement LECITHIN 1200 mg

Circulatory system support supplement.

Mega Lecithin

Circulatory system support supplement.

Sleeping Syrup

Herbal syrup for a good all-night sleep.

Bioaquanol U

Hair growth stimulator

Bioaquanol Shampoo

Hair Shampoo for hair growth


Split ends prevention hair product.

Bioaquanol Head Lice Treatment

Effective head lice treatment product.


Stretch marks prevention product.

Bonella Forte

Stretch marks prevention product.


Unique joint feed supplement with hyaluronic acid for horses.


Apple flavoured joint feed supplement is well received by dogs. Possible to add to dog’s daily feed or water. Dosage depends on dog’s weight - 3 ml per 10 kg (contains 3,7 mg of hyaluronan sodium and 100 mg of chondroitin sulfate).

Customer reviews

  • I swear on hyalgel

    Good day, I am very satisfied with food supplement HYALGEL FORTE and I won't let it happen. I use it for three years and I recommend it to anyone who complains about the knees. My friend had recently 80th birthday and I bought her two packs of HYALGELu as a gift. She was very happy and she became a regular user. I will repeat once more that I will not commit to HYALGEL.
    Mrs Marta Návratová

  • My hair is healthier and richer

    Bioaquanol U. I bought this product for my husband a few years ago, when his hairs started relatively quickly falling out and create a "knee". The product work very quickly, his hair stopped falling out and began to grow new. I tried Bioaquanol myself and my hair is healthier and richer. I recommend to all.
    Mrs Eva.

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