Bioaquanol Shampoo

Original formula, a unique combination of substances:

  • Caffeine (improves even blood circulation, for smoother, firmer skin)
  • Hyaluronan sodium (keeps the scalp and hair surface hydrated)
  • Panthenol (regeneration and smoothing effects, eases head skin itch)
  • Plant extracts (for stronger, smoother, shiny hair and smoother, hydrated skin)

Bioaquanol Shampoo contains surfactants and preservatives, which enables daily use for any hair types.

250 ml (in a bottle with practical dosing)

For improving your hair quality it is suitable to combine all products from our Bioaquanol set - Bioaquanol Shampoo and hair products Bioaquandol U and Bioaquanol H. For treating split ends use our hair regeneration product, Silvit.

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